H29,H30, E19 and H27 Combined Integrated Monitoring and Recording System (ExxonMobil MESQAC) by SELMA

New SELMA Tank Protector Combined Integrated System fully complies with Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Criteria for sea going vessels in Exxon Mobil affiliate service (MESQAC).

H27 :CCR Manifold Pressure Monitoring and Recording System

H29 / H30: Bridge COT Pressure Monitoring System (4 Set Points Alarm)

E19: CCR Anemometer Recording/Monitoring Alarm System


Wind Speed Angle - Bridge Pressure Monitor - Inert Gas - Bridge Pressure Cargo Oil - Tank Manifold Pressure Recorder (ExxonMobil MESQAC) SELMA Combined Integrated System

Tank Protector – Anemometer Recorder and Manifold Pressure Monitoring and Recording System by SELMA

SELMA Tank Protector is an integrated monitoring and recording system.

Tank Protector is marine type approved by major IACS Classifications and provides the total solution for the ExxonMobil MESQAC sections:

E.19 on Safety and Security Management

  • Anemometer display / monitoring and recording in the Cargo Control Room (CCR)

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