SELMA Ship Electric Marine Control

SELMA is a marine technical company specialised in the design, development and installation of integrated marine electrical, automation and control systems in ships worldwide.

Its continuing mission to maintain its leading position in the global marine technical control industry.

As a global player, SELMA established an ever expanding network of agents and service partners around the world.

Service partners in key locations around the world provide the crucial element for rapid, flexible and reliable customer support.

SELMA Worldwide Agents and Service Partners

SELMA offers a wide range of systems which are designed, developed and integrated in-house.

Typical cases are the Dewatering Control System “Hydrochos Project” and Water Ingress Monitoring System “SELMA Bulk Protector”. More than 600 ships were fitted with those systems in a period of 24 months, bringing SELMA to the leading position in the global marine technical control industry.

SELMA systems include:

SELMA developed the Tank Protector Anemometer Recorder and Manifold Pressure Monitoring and Recording System designed to comply with and exceed the latest Exxon Mobil Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Criteria for Seagoing Vessels in ExxonMobil Affiliate Service E19, H27, H29, H30.